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Since 1994, I have owned the domain name amazing.com, but somehow nothing I have done with it has really clicked. An investor group wants to help my old friend and business partner Billy McCue do something with it, and I am letting them do so. As a result, this site will disappear in about 30 days. You can head on to DavidHDennis.com for whatever my continued web presence may be. While I try to figure out what to do with that, my Facebook profile is a surprisingly good portrait of my day by day life, and has a ton of updates and a lot of cool pictures for you to enjoy.

After leaving me alone for more than a decade, the Church of Scientology has finally noticed my page on them and has requested that I take it down. Since I have better things to do than host a page that was essentially unchanged sincd 1995, I have done so. Full statement here.

I'm finally letting out my inner blogger, with posts on Occupy Wall Street and the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Introducing Tea Party News, my site containing news about the tea party movement and related issues, including sources from both left and right.

Welcome to the Age of the Tea Party, as I Teaparty Away with my fellow protesters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The DV FAQ has finally been updated, for the first time in years. Enjoy!

Meet Ted Hayes and my fellow freepers as we commemorate 9/11

Christmas, 2003
The 2003 Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade was the most spectacular in some years! Check out my pictures, which came out better than ever this year!

I finally try something new with a redesign of this page. If there's something you can't find, the old stuff is still at the old index. I hope you enjoy the new design; Drop me a line if you have comments. I'm still experimenting, so expect changes over the next week or so.

David goes to see the Simi Valley Fire as it attacks Chatsworth.

David visits the Edwards AFB Open House and comes up with pictures and commentary.

In REPUBLICANS GONE WILD, David celebrates the defeat of Gray Davis and the rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

David visits an Arnold Schwarzenegger Rally, and is quite impressed by what he sees. If you have a really speedy broadband connection, check out his speech on video!

The Oscars serve as a fitting backdrop for my best video ever, featuring our Oscar protest and its amazing aftermath.

Photographs from a Support Our Troops rally in Orange County, near the South Coast Plaza.

There was a lefty demonstration yesterday. As often happens, I was there, and filed a report

Gray & Me: I just wanted to meet Gray Davis, and somehow it never quite worked out. Contrasts the chilly-cold personal style of Gray Davis with the genuine warmth that is Bill Simon. A one minute video comedy, just on time for election day 2002!

I've been terrible at updating this page, with all the rallies and demonstrations I've been going to lately. So here's a rundown. First up are the Olvera Street and Sacramento rallies supporting Bill Simon. And I finally capture Gray's image at the unforgettable Pasadena Freep of Gray Davis and the Firefighters!. And who can miss our Bill Clinton freep, featuring a great lady playing Monica!. So now that I've done all this work, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE FOR BILL SIMON & FRIENDS!

Gray Davis has to go! With the power fiasco, the budget fiasco, and his gray personality, you'd think this would never be in doubt. I visit a couple of protests to get the word out. (Includes video!)

To continue our DV theme, the DV Show comes to Burbank with information about Avid Xpress DV (thumbs down), Discreet Combustion (thumbs up) and a whole boatload of Macs running Final Cut Pro.

At last! The DV FAQ has been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century! Check it out with lots more information about the latest cameras and editing gear.

Welcome to My World!

Thanks for dropping by my web site. Perhaps you wanted to hear more about me, or maybe you were intrigued by one of my wide range of interests.

The Internet I've been a computer geek since before computer geeks were cool. I grew up around computers, since my father was a professor of Computer Science at an obscure East Coast university called MIT. I must have inherited my loathing of the cold from my mother, who came from Florida and is now back there. As a result, I am quite rightly here in usually sunny Southern California, about to face another of our bitter-cold Southern California winters. (Sometimes, it goes down to the 50s, you know).

I am currently working on top-secret projects as yet to be revealed.

Before November of 2004, I worked for International Laser Group, a company that makes and sells laser toner cartridges. Web site is really a misnomer; it's a business system vital to their marketing, sales and collections. It's the dashboard all the salespeople and most of the employees use to keep in sync with the company's pulse.

My Slashdot Posts show more of my geeky side.

Video Growing up, I was an avid hobby moviemaker and created a whole bunch of 8mm and Super 8 movies. Unfortunately, film and processing for them are horribly expensive, so I didn't do nearly as much as I would have wanted. In those days, video was so primitive I thought it would never catch up with the glories of film.

That may still be true, but when the Canon XL1 came out, I decided that virtually cost-free filmmaking would be a lot better than sitting around and dreaming of when I could afford something better. So I have engaged in a variety of sporadic projects. My most successful ones came out of Group 101, which I joined for a six month stint in early 2003. It was a lot of fun, and taught me a lot; I recommend it to anyone.

I am now working on a kids' TV series which is still in great flux. It's also great fun, and I look forward to sharing bits and pieces of it with you through my site. Activism Another use of my video camera has been political activism. A bunch of my conservative friends put together a protest group to attack the evil that is (or was, now) Gray Davis. When Bill Simon came in to attack Davis, we had an ideal stage for our guerilla campaign tactics, from the Debate Chicken to the eGray Hooker (who will do ANYTHING for a campaign contribution, if you get the picture). We weren't getting much press, but we had a lot of fun, and I got it all on video.

Curiously, the same group supported Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor this time, but we didn't do much of anything for him. Why? Because he didn't need us in the way Bill Simon did. He could get the roaring publicity and adoring crowds on his own. It was a slightly bittersweet experience to see him run and win, almost effortlessly, against a thouroughly discredited opponent.

I like to think we did at least some of the discrediting. But Arnold got all the credit. And he won.

I think he'll be an amazing Governor, and I'm really looking forward to his administration. I just wish my friends and I had made more of a difference.

My Free Republic posts have more on my political side.

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Who's David? An informal resume of sorts, Who's David talks about me, my work philosophy, and what I can do for your company.

DV FAQ & Resources Want to know how to set up a killer DV system? The DV FAQ has been around for years and will help answer all your DV-related questions.

David's Politics Learn about David's political views and check out his still pictures and video of conservative political activism.

ISP FAQ & Resources Still want to become an ISP, despite all the trauma that's hit the industry over the last few years? My ISP FAQ and related documents are a bit dated nowadays, but still some of the best resources available on what an ISP is and how to run one.

David's Dream House David checks out the Los Angeles real estate market in search of his dreams. Most of this was written in 1999; since then, his income has nearly doubled ... but so have real estate prices. As of even date, I'm renting a small but cozy house in Woodland Hills, still dreaming and searching.

Mercedes Model Summary Want a comprehensive explanation of Mercedes-Benz models? It's the Mercedes-Benz Model Summary

Ancient Scientology Archive Back in 1994 or thereabouts, when the Internet was young, and had a wild west flair about it, the Church of Scientology was one of the first unpleasant indicators of real life. Before spam, before pop-up ads, the Church of Scientology was the net's most annoying organization. Check out my Scientology archives, a trip down memory lane.

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