The New Internet Provider FAQ

It's been a few Net Geologic Ages since I last updated the ISP FAQ, which is now a rather confusing mix of fairly up to date and totally obsolete information.

So I figured I'd start from scratch, with what I've learned in the last few years of running a company that was going to be an ISP, but rapidly became little more than a web presence provider. It is my sense that the ISP market is fairly saturated, but that there are still significant opportunities in web presence and design.

So my new FAQ is going to look different from the old, but the old one will stay around for those curious about the history of the industry, and what's been said in the past.

Books are offered in conjunction with - I hope you'll support the FAQ by picking up a book or two.


For sections on Business Organization and Capital, see the old FAQ.


The Rural/Remote ISP: A special case

Computer Hardware & Software

Hooking up to the Internet

Internet Service Tips & Information


Fun for ISPs