Jennifer doesn't live here anymore ...

In fact, she hasn't been here in years, since oh, around 1995 or 6 or thereabouts. Sheesh. You're making me feel my age.

Anyway, I happened to discover people were still visiting this page. The legend of Jennifer Ringley is indeed a popular one.

For those of you who don't know, Jennifer was the original "cam girl". She first created a very clever "tour of my body" which had pictures of each individual body part and some cute information about each one. It was cute, clever, ingenious and sexy without being tacky.

Someone gave her a Connectix QuickCam, which sent out images in glorious black and white. So she decided to serve pictures of herself out of her dorm room, just for fun.

Like many, I was more than a little in love with her, and I may have been the first to see the JenniCam. She dropped me a line asking if I was around and saying she had a surprise for me, and she gave me her computer's IP address and I could see her. She gave me a glimpse of toplessness that first time and I could always tell what a compellingly erotic experience it would be to thousands of my successors. You could see her as she really lived, sitting in front of her computer, most of the time clothed normally but sometimes topless with a flash of nudity. She quickly gained a following which crashed her computer.

I happened to have access to a lot of bandwidth, so I offered to host the Jennicam for her. It was a fun time to see the idea of the Jennicam evolve and grow over the years.

Eventually she moved on to a new hosting provider, and for a while I was hosting a site with some of the best Jennicam pictures - the ones I found most loveable as well as those that were sexiest. Eventually she asked me, in a sadly cold notice, to dump the page, and I did.

Eventually, Jennifer ended the cam and all of it was gone but a memory. Years ago, if you visited this page, you could have seen her.

Not any more. Her original name of is long gone and now points to empty space.

So what is there to do here?

You can check out my new social networking site, or you can check out more about me. I look forward to seeing you there!

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